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What to say to a cancer parent

Cancer is a shocking disease and people will deal with the diagnosis in many different ways.

Unfortunately, some people just don’t know what to say. In most cases we know that this isn’t because people don’t care, but because they care a lot and don’t want to upset us.

Naturally there are also going to be people who just try to ignore the situation, but I’m not going to waste my energy on them.

Although we’re back on the cancer rollercoaster, we still want to try to stay grounded. We also want to laugh and be happy. We don’t want to feel we have been abandoned.

Personally, I’d be happy to get a message that goes a bit like this:

Hello, how are you doing? I don’t really know what to say because the situation is so shit, but I am thinking of you. Here’s a funny story I overheard on the bus …

I’m also a fan of GIFs, Bitmoji, funny memes and silly videos … Send them all!

If you send me a message and I don’t reply straight away, don’t worry. I will reply when I can … Often answering messages at the end of the day can be therapeutic.

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6 thoughts on “What to say to a cancer parent”

  1. It is difficult with what to say sometimes to someone because you like said, you’re worried you’ll upset them. When I’m upset or going through something really tough I am also fan of GIFs and silly videos, especially of cute animals! It’s helpful to write a post like this though, as it’s good to know if you do struggle with what to say to someone that’s going through something similar. Sending you love and hugs Marie <3

    Chloe xx

    1. I think people do worry about saying the wrong thing so sometimes say nothing. It can be a very lonely path so it’s just important to be there for them I think. And follow their lead, listen to the language they use when speaking about it xx

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