Upcycling, a broken mobile phone, Instagram frames are back and so is the heat (but not necessarily in that order)

Weekend Coffee Share 25/08/2019

Hello! We have yet another heatwave in the UK and it’s making me feel very uncomfortable. However it is also a long weekend as tomorrow is a holiday, so it will please a lot of people that it isn’t raining.

Sunday is fast becoming the day when I draft a few posts and schedule them for the coming week, but today I think I’m only going to write this post. Quite frankly, I am wilting in the heat and I can’t think of anything to write beyond this update. 🥀

I told you a while back that I was having problems with my Android mobile phone. The screen becomes unresponsive more often than not and I have to keep restarting it to make any progress. It has been very frustrating, but the thought of sending it off to be repaired was worse.

Anyway, on a whim I did go into the phone shop and arrange to have it repaired. They were going to give me a loan phone, with a £50 damage waiver, so I declined that and dusted off the old iPhone. I now have a nail biting 2 weeks to wait for the return of my Android. I hope they can fix it. Good news is that it’s still within the warranty, so if they can’t fix it then it should get replaced. The iPhone is good but it has its limitations, especially the way some websites are displayed.

I watched all of The Great British Interior Design Challenge Season 2 on Netflix. It was really good. Now I want to upcycle everything! I’m having difficulty getting into Season 3 and I’m not sure if it’s my mood or because they may have changed the format slightly.

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I seem to be the only one to have noticed this, but… when you use the Instagram filters in the Android app they no longer include the ability to add a frame. However, my iPhone app still allows me to do this – yay! Why though?

I have had some lovely incoming mail recently and it really does lift the spirits for a while. I just hope that I can generate the same sort of happiness with the cards and letters I send people.

Craft projects are all on hold in this heat (despite the upcycling urge). Meanwhile, there’s lots of planning going on in the bujo.

So that’s all my news for now. Please do let me know in the comments what you have been watching, new favourite hobby or whether you’re an Android fan or iPhone.

Thank you for reading 😊

Marie-Celine x

Thanks to Sarah Sigler for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

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12 Responses

  1. Chloe Chats says:

    I’m an Android fan, I’ve Neve owned an iPhone but I always hear so many problems with them. I have a One Plus which I’m super happy with, and have kept to their phones whenever I upgrade. The heat has been unbearable hadn’t it! I struggle with it, I much prefer it when it’s a bit cooler, although I only like it when it rains and I’m inside watching the rain fall and listening to it when I go to sleep – so relaxing! Loved reading your post Marie!

    • Marie-Celine says:

      I’m missing my Android now!

      It’s definitely more comfortable now it’s cooler.

      Thanks so much for commenting 😃

  2. alisonw30 says:

    Hope the heat cools down a bit, I’m wilting too! It’s nearly Autumn so I’m sure it won’t last 😂

    I’m an Android girl all the way, never had an i phone – there always seemed to be too many things you couldn’t do with an i phone but that might have changed.

    • Marie-Celine says:

      I had an iPod touch when they first came out and thought it was the bees knees. The first androids I had weren’t all that great compared to it. I think they’ve really improved a lot over the years. Some of the iPhone apps are better than android. I’m coming to the conclusion that Android is a better all round experience though, even if I can’t have fancy frames in Instagram 😂

      Just one more day of heat to get through Alison and then it will be winter 🥶

      Thank you for commenting!

  3. I enjoyed your post.

    I had an iPhone…once…just once. It drove me absolutely dotty! I was so glad to return to an android! I hope your phone is returned all fixed. It’s warm here too. I’ve just had to go out to get some fresh fruit (I’d completely run out) and it was like a furnace when I opened the car door. Ok with the air con on though. At the nearest supermarket the car park is under the building; so cool in the shade and it acts like a bit of a wind tunnel. Glad to be back home to rest up in the heat, though it’s not htat hot here in the Valleys, but it’s too warm for me.

    • Marie-Celine says:

      I loved having an iPhone at first but then gave it up when the battery went kaput. It’s nice as backup at the moment although I think I’m enjoying typing without interruption the most. Androids just seem to cope with the internet a whole lot better than iPhone I’ve noticed. So, yes I’ll be glad to get my Nokia back, hopefully fully fixed, and then the iPhone can go in a drawer again (then when I’m old I’ll donate it to a museum 😊)

      Thank you for commenting. I hope you can cool down indoors now. I’m trying to make hand dyed papers because they should dry quickly in the heat. I always have to be doing something otherwise my mind thinks about things I’d rather not think about!

  4. Sue Lovell says:

    Thanks for your blog! Like Shelagh, it made me want to blog again! Maybe I’ll resurrect the recipe blog! Or something musical, perhaps.
    I’ve been an iPhone girl for many years now and I like the way everything is synched to the cloud and available on every device. Google drive is good for this as well, on the other hand, but for me, the voice recordings being in synch have been really useful in my music. I recorded sounds from the brook at the bottom of my garden and could pull them straight into a Logic track, for example!
    Sending lots of love from a very hot Kent! Xx

    • Marie-Celine says:

      Oh yes you should do a blog too!! I’m finding good and bad with the iPhone. It’s nice to be able to type without screen freeze though, so I’m sure when I get my Nokia back I will fall in love with it again. Thanks for commenting. PS it’s hot here too xx

  5. Shelagh McCarthy says:

    Hi, It’s been ages and ages since I looked at any blogs, but have to say I really enjoyed yours, even makes me want to blog again lol…
    I have always had an android phone, know nothing about I phones…..

  6. Geraldine says:

    I’ve only ever had Android so I’m gonna say Android of course! I heard of that show and it sounds really interesting!

    • Marie-Celine says:

      Thank you for commenting Geraldine. I think I’m liking them equally at the moment because they do different things. Might keep the iPhone for doing some things like Instagram but Android is easier for commenting on blogs!

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