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Weekend Coffee Share

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If we were having coffee then I would tell you that I have been spending a little time updating the design of this blog and Craft Owl Blog. I think I have found the best way of displaying my posts now. Best of all, if you look at the sidebar, you will notice a mini display of the other blog, which I hope will drive more traffic and make the link between the two blogs more obvious and coherent.

Maybe we would also talk about the weather. I would complain that it has been too dark to take good photographs for my blog! Did you have snow this week? There has been some here on the higher ground.

stuffed toy in the snow
Photo by Marina Shatskih on

If you asked me what craft projects I was making then I could tell you that I finished my hot water bottle cover, but the seaside blanket is on pause. I am trying to finish a scarf for my friend. My husband gave up waiting for his scarf and went out and bought a fleece snood.

crochet hot water bottle cover
crochet hot water bottle cover

I am trying hard to reduce my screen time and increase my time spent handwriting. Can you suggest some journal prompts, or questions you would like me to answer? Comment on this post, or contact me via email

Shall we talk about Marie Kondo?

How many of the things you possess “spark joy” as Marie (cool name, eh?) suggests they should? If you are a collector, then it is likely that everything sparks joy … I am going to have to find another way of determining what I need to keep! I am going to concentrate on tidying up and putting things into some kind of order instead.

Marie Kondo KonMarie love mess gif

The thing about decluttering is that it is fine if you are genuinely never going to need the item again … I have some pens that I bought about 20 years ago and they still work. I have been using them in my journal and they are excellent (look out for a review of them at a later date). When I looked on Amazon to see what other colours were available, individual pens are selling for up to £50! Imagine if I had got rid of those pens and then regretted it and wanted to replace them. I certainly did not pay that to buy them in the first place.

Am I back to blogging every day?

No, not yet. I needed a break to do other things. Writing a blog post can be quick, but promoting that post takes a lot of time and energy, which I don’t have at the moment. What worked for me in 2018 doesn’t work for me at this time, but that’s ok. I am still going to post a few times a week and comment on the blogs I read.

Hope you have all had a great weekend, see you again soon!

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14 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share”

  1. Because I know me, I would get depressed watching due to my extreme disorganization and feeling like I could not even begin her process. Instead, I’m just plain trying to declutter and find more space for things I actually love.

  2. Kettle on!
    If we were having coffee I would get you to show me how you make your crochet look so tidy.
    I would avoid the Kon Mari conversation though as she is my spirit animal, and I would bore you silly chatting about decluttering!

    1. I have been crocheting for many years and I don’t know what my secret is. Maybe it is the way I hold my hook which seems to be slightly different to most people. Perhaps I’ll do a YouTube 🙃
      I would listen to you telling me the virtues of KonMari/e because I don’t dislike the idea 😊 but some of my possessions are definitely staying!!!

      1. She has been mis sold, she isn’t after all your stuff. If stuff is useful or brings joy, you keep it, she just suggests you keep it in a specific place and put it back when you finished with it.
        I have her books and totally fan girled when she commented on my comment on Instagram.
        See… I probably would bore you silly! 😁

  3. Marie your blog is looking so amazing!!! I got your letter and I haven’t read it yet, but I’m getting back into reading your blog after the busy period and I seriously missed it x

    1. Aw thanks so much Lav. I’ve missed writing but I just can’t stick to my original schedule at the moment. It’s not been great for taking photos so I can’t do Wordless Wednesday 😂 and I’ve run out of topics for my Friday Favourites. It’s all about my crochet and journals at the moment. Although I’ve got that tag that Geraldine did ….. Xx

  4. I recently watched a couple episodes of Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix. There are very few items I own that spark joy, but what does give me positive feelings is getting rid of excess stuff. Despite that, there’s no way I’m going to get rid of dressy high heels that I hardly ever wear, because I know if I did I’d end up stuck in a situation where I’d have to waste money on new ones.

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