My son got a tumour in his head. It wasn’t in his brain, but it was near. I looked at my beautiful child with his dazzling eyes and his beautiful teeth, and I was so thankful that his tumour could be treated without any cuts to his precious face.

The tumour was hiding in his sinus cavity. There was so much space for it to grow, without us even knowing it was there. The only cure was chemotherapy and radiotherapy. They did the job well, and the monster Rhabdomyosarcoma was dealt with. It became scar tissue. No active disease. Remission.

But radiotherapy held a very dark secret. While doing it’s best work on the tumour, it had also damaged the growing bones in his jaw. Cancer came back. It was wearing a different cloak this time. It had a different name. It was Osteosarcoma. There was no option but to attack with chemotherapy again. We also had a new weapon, and he held a scalpel.

My child’s face was cut. The very thing I’d given thanks for was cruelly taken away. It’s not so bad, I told myself. There may be many scars, but the cancer has gone. I can still look at that beautiful face, and I am grateful for that surgeon for saving my son’s life.

The blessing was short lived. A few years on and the cancer is in his blood. There is no tumour this time. No surgeon to wave a magic knife. We have chemo of course, but after so much chemo already, it’s taking it’s toll. Sadly chemo can be the cause as well as the cure. My son’s bone marrow, damaged by chemotherapy, is feeding Leukaemia cells into his blood stream and WE HAVE TO MAKE THEM STOP!!!

My fear is … unspeakable.

We need more people to join the stem cell register, to give Steven, and others like him, the best chance of being cured.

Image credit: AnthonyNolan.org

You can sign up here: www.anthonynolan.org/Steven if you are between 16 years old and 30 years old. Or, if you are 17 to 55 years old, then go to https://www.dkms.org.uk/en

You can also help by sharing our posts on social media and by liking the Facebook page we have set up to raise awareness at Steven’s Bone Marrow Transplant or following stevensBMT on Instagram.

We have to make this happen. We have to find a donor.

Thank you for your support!

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3 Responses

  1. What a brave son you have. I have shared this on Pinterest and followed you guys on Instagram.
    My brother who is the healthy sibling in my family registered & did a test to see if he was a match for a boy connected to his Rugby club. I think there should be more stands at events for this and publicity etc.
    Sending my support and prayers, Helen 🙏

    • Marie-Celine says:

      Thank you for your lovely comment Helen. There should definitely be more publicity surrounding bone marrow and stem cell donation. I’m pleased your brother was able to join the register. 💙💛

  2. Michelle says:

    I’m sharing this as much as possible. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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