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A new blog comes with many decisions. Here are a few things I had to think about today:

  • How will my blog look?
  • What will I write?
  • When will I post?
  • Who will I follow?
  • Do I like my own blog?


I have spent ages in the past on blog design, but this blog fell into place for me with very little tweaking. My only worry is that, if you view my site on a mobile, the menu bar isn’t very easy to see. It blends in with the header photo. I like the photo though and I don’t want to change it.

I have a few ideas about what I am going to write. I have a list in my handwritten journal, so that I don’t forget them. It is also quite useful to search for “daily word prompt” sites and join a community.

I want to post regularly but I am not certain which days will work best for me yet. I also want to make use of the post scheduling function. So, I may get ahead with my posts and then leave WordPress to do the rest.

I am not going to follow for the sake of following. All that happens then is, I get an inbox full of things I’m not interested in. I would rather search for topics I am interested in and then be able to leave a genuine like and a worthwhile comment. I think that sometimes, on Facebook for instance, the like button is overused. It becomes an acknowledgement that you have seen something, and maybe not even that you have read it. I don’t want to be that person on here. I know that bloggers invest a lot of time on their posts. I don’t want to be dismissive.

Yes! I do like my blog! I like that I have used my own name as the URL. It sits very comfortably with me in a way that my previous blogs have not.

Thank you for reading this, I hope you have enjoyed it.

Back soon!

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0 thoughts on “Undecided”

  1. [ Smiles ] In all honesty, blog design is really all about personal preference. However, you would want to make sure that your chosen theme is fast-loading and responsive.

    Blogging daily is a good idea, but it is not mandatory. If you are busy, you can update your blog weekly.

    Personally, I am not into daily prompts, because those prompts do not always fit in to what I would like to publish.

    It is nice to know that you like your blog and I am here to give it my full support.

    Do have yourself a wonderful week, my friend.

    1. I would only search for a word prompt if I really needed one, or like today, if it was relevant to what I was writing anyway. Sometimes it is nice to link up with people who are all talking about the same thing, and to read different interpretations.
      I have a long list of things to publish so I think my plan is clear, thankfully!

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