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Tuesday Musings – Let’s have a change

How many of you have noticed that I have changed the theme on my blog? I am now using ‘Apostrophe 2’ theme. I hope you like it as much as I do.

It wasn’t that I was unhappy with my blog, but I just felt I needed to tweak it a little bit more. As I use a featured image on the majority of my blog posts, this new theme works extremely well I think. If you would like to see a very quick tutorial of how I make my infographics, then please click here.

It was very simple to change the theme of my blog. The reason why I hadn’t changed it before is because I just hadn’t found the right one until now. I would suggest following the WordPress tutorial if you do not know how to change your theme. To access WordPress help, click on the blue question mark which is usually lurking in the bottom right of your screen.

My new theme looks good on a mobile too – I did check that! Readers of my blog, and new visitors to the home page, no longer have to scroll through lots of wordy posts to find the subject that interest them. I thought that was an important consideration because I do write about lots of different things.

Please, please, please drop me a comment below and tell me if you like the new theme, what theme you use, and whether you are viewing on a mobile, tablet or PC. I would really appreciate your feedback.

Thank you for visiting my blog today!




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