The juice of 5 limes

I had big plans for today, but, when it came to it, all I could do was squeeze some limes into an ice cube tray.

They weren’t ordinary limes. They were 5p a bag in Sainsbury’s. You did not read that wrong. 5p a bag … because they had reached their sell by date.

If it wasn’t for my poor mental health, those limes would probably have ended up in landfill or as compost (depending on the local council’s recycling policy). However, although I have to avoid the crowds, nipping into the supermarket just before closing is not beyond the realms of possibilities, as there’s often no other shoppers at that time. If it wasn’t for my avoidance of people we would not have leapt upon the reduced items like they were the very finest treasures, before swiping them through the self serve machine, head down, don’t make eye contact, phew, finished, out!

My husband has gone out separately to purchase an ice cube tray. We are stuck in a heatwave. Ice cube trays sold out everywhere. I cannot go on a hunt around our shopping centre.

The new ice cube tray is ENORMOUS.

It leered at me from the worktop for days. “Haven’t you dealt with those limes yet?” “I need rinsing before you use me!”

Me: “You’re in a packet dammit. You do not need rinsing!”

“Yeah but how many times was I touched before I went in the packet?”

Me: “Okay, you win!”

And so, the limes were squeezed, eventually. They filled maybe a fifth of the mammoth, all singing all dancing, half plastic half silicone ice tray. Lime juice is in the freezer. No idea what will happen next. But a little part of me is ok because I saved the limes from destruction.

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