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I am thinking that I should get ahead with my blog posts again. I used to have a daily post scheduled weeks in advance.

I am enjoying looking at our newly decorated walls.

I am feeling warm and cosy.

I am wearing jeans and a cardigan which used to belong to my Mum.

I am needing to keep raising awareness of Childhood Cancer, but it isn’t an easy job because very few people want to read about such a difficult topic.

I am wanting to buy lots of Kallax units for our whole home. Such a great way to get a room tidy.

I am listening to Classic FM.

I am making parcels for my pen friends.

I am eating … nothing at the moment but we have my favourite pasta for tea

I am drinking tea – I’m always drinking tea

person pouring tea on a cup

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  1. Jen Eve says:

    I enjoyed reading this 😊😘

  2. Geraldine says:

    This was a great post I’m sorry I missed it! I do wish I was once again ahead of my blog!! 😭

  3. abbyheird says:

    Wow being that ahead on blog posts sounds NICE!!! Those Kallax units are wonderful. I need some of those!

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