Ten Questions Tuesday – The Answers

Last week I posed some questions, invited all of you to answer them, and I promised I would answer them today. I love using journal prompts when I am looking for new ideas.

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These questions are based on a Pin I saw and saved on my Journal Board, which you can see by clicking here.

The questions:

  1. How do you stay focused?
  2. Are you organised or do you live in chaos?
  3. Do you prefer photos or videos?
  4. What’s your planner style?
  5. Do you count your blessings?
  6. What goals will you accomplish by the end of 2018?
  7. What do you do on a rainy day?
  8. Do you prefer a biro or fountain pen?
  9. How do you keep a record of important dates?
  10. Can you share some good news or a positive story you heard recently?

The answers:

  1. I think that to stay focused, you need to know the reason for doing whatever the task is, what the main aim is, what the rewards are and therefore what your motivation is. This can be simply that the task is necessary, that it will benefit you or another person and the reward could be having a break when the task is complete, or knowing that you don’t have to do it again for a while. Feeling appreciated can be a big motivator, and that includes appreciating yourself. Once you are clear about reason, aim and reward then you need to remove any distractions (if possible), make sure you are comfortable and GET STARTED!
  2. Some parts of my life are very organised and some are very chaotic. A lot of the chaos is caused by circumstances I can’t control at the moment. However, I do try to have a routine, and I try to reduce stress by making sure I keep important items in their right place so I don’t have to chase around looking for keys etc.
  3. I love both photos and videos. I take a lot of photos of my family, and photos of things I have made. I also make videos of how to make some of my craft projects, and I love making videos of days out for my YouTube channel.
  4. I have notebooks for everything and I fill them with lists. I have a sort of a Bullet Journal; it is my very simplified version. I set up a weekly spread on a Sunday evening or a Monday morning (think of a week to a view diary) and I write each evening if I feel like it. I will also make notes about blog post ideas, pen friend ideas etc. I have an index in the back of my notebook and number each page as I go. I decorate my pages with doodles and bits of papercraft, washi tape, etc. I have also just started making my own Filofax style pages too. Very time consuming punching the holes in the right place, so I am saving for a six-hole punch.
  5. Counting blessings is a difficult one for me as so much bad stuff has happened in my life. I feel that if someone says “count your blessings” that it somehow devalues the thing that is causing upset. So while it is nice to say “look at that lovely sunshine” other people in the world are seeing the same sunshine but have not had the same problems. It’s not an easy one to explain!
  6. I did not start 2018 with a list of goals but I have actually accomplished quite a lot, mainly with my blogging and vlogging. I have some ideas of things I would like to achieve before the end of the year, and I will share them another time maybe. I am not keen on sharing goals in case I don’t achieve them.
  7. On a rainy day I like to snuggle up indoors with a papercraft project, or some knitting or crochet. I don’t mind going out in the rain if I know I can get back in the warm and dry as soon as possible.
  8. I was always a fountain pen fan, but I do have a favourite biro or two as well. They both do different jobs and fountain pens can be a bit temperamental and the ink isn’t always permanent.
  9. Recording important dates – I am not sure what this question is asking really – I use my phone to keep a record of appointments etc but I did aim to keep a scrapbook record of all other important dates. This was going well until my son became ill and I have never got back into it, because it stirs up so many memories.
  10. Good news is hard to find, but there are some websites that specialise in just sharing the good stuff. How about this: https://www.positive.news/environment/dam-it-furry-engineers-stage-a-comeback-in-the-wye-valley/

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers. If you have answered the same questions, then please link back to this post or the one last week and I can visit you. You can also tag me on Twitter which is where I have found the most supportive group of bloggers you could ever wish for πŸ™‚

Now all I have to do is find another ten questions for next week!


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11 Responses

  1. Paula |The Value of a Moment says:

    I love the blog’s new look!!! 😍
    I love your answers. I’ve been wanting to do a bullet journal for a long time, but I don’t know where to start. (Plus…I can’t draw to save my life! πŸ˜‚) Do you have any tips on starting one?

    • mariexceline says:

      Thanks Paula! I’m not great at drawing, so I decorate mine with washi tape and leftovers from my papercraft. I try not to waste anything.
      I would say start with an easy monthly spread, just list all the dates and write in any appointments etc, then break that down into weeks and then days. Make lots of lists and colour code everything πŸ˜€
      Maybe I should start a series ??

  2. Geraldine says:

    So cute Marie! I loved your answers – it’s so hard to get focused on the task at hand in my opinion. I feel like I had a stronger resolve or stronger attention span(? not sure how to say it haha) before and I feel like it’s dwindling! I do agree you need to remember what the goal or purpose of it is … I think I often lose sight of that. That may be why I get distracted so often!! I also can’t wait for a rainy day when I don’t actually have to work or be outside – I would be doodling! πŸ™‚

  3. Lavrax says:

    I’m loving the new theme Marie! It suits you. I love the answer about counting your blessings and how that may devalue the struggles you went through. So wish I could cosy up right now with a craft project and some hot choc!x

    • mariexceline says:

      Thanks so much Lav. Glad you like the theme and that you understood what I was saying about counting blessings πŸ’—
      It’s been cold and wet today so I have my handmade blanket to snuggle under.

  4. Abby says:

    Marie, love your new theme!! So cute!! Great responses too. I like your point about needing to know the reason you are doing something. That can definitely help you stay focused on the task. Also, it is not a rainy day but your answer made me want it to be rainy with me snuggled up in doors. And now I want hot chocolate! Great post!πŸ’•

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