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Day Five: Mixtapes

Mixtapes of music have been around in some form or another for decades. They are a great way of gathering all your favourite songs together in one playlist. My understanding of the history of...


Pick Me Up playlist

I was tagged to do this by Chloe before I wrote my post about how music affects our moods, however, I didn’t find out until now! There are some rules, and I am not...

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Free Music for your Vlogs

Some useful links to where you can grab yourself a soundtrack to your vlog | Free Royalty Free | Copyright Free Music

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Music for Moods

Without a doubt, music is very emotive, and it can change your mood before the song has even ended. It can remind you of a time, a place, a person and stir up all the feelings associated with those memories […] most of the time I actively avoid listening to the radio …