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Day Eight: Flat Lay Photography

How to Create Beautiful Flat Lay Photographs for Your Blog or Instagram Flat lay photography means exactly what it says. Many influencers use it to make their blogs and Instagram feeds look amazing. The...

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Shoutout to my new friends

I have recently joined a merry group of bloggers on Twitter and Instagram. They have all been so supportive and it’s such a pleasure to get to know them. We are diverse in our...

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Learn something new everyday

It’s an old saying but I think it is very relevant to blogging. To be a good blogger it really does pay to learn everything you can about it. Learn about writing, learn how...


Blogger Face

flic.kr/p/eL5NN2 I wouldn’t normally share a photo on a Thursday, but the truth is I had nothing scheduled and no drafts to finish – I’m winging it again! While being well prepared has it’s...


I got an award

Read all about it here: Sunshine Blogger Award Thank you! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Marie-Céline


Abandoned blogs

My thoughts about keeping a blog updated, and what happens when you don’t …