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Support Groups and Self Help

There are shelves full of self help books in the shops. It’s big business. While I don’t doubt that some may be useful, my feelings are that the only winners are the writers and publishers, cashing in on our problems.

To truly know and appreciate something, you have to have been there yourself. That applies to everything in life.

You could read a fantastic travel blog for instance, but until you get chance to visit the places you read about, the articles are just words and pictures. I’m not dissing travel blogs, I love them, but they are not a fully dimensional experience and you can only imagine the feels.

Support groups are made up of people who have been there and done that. They will have similar experiences and common ground. For instance, if you’ve never slept on a camp bed beside your sick child in a children’s hospital, you couldn’t understand everything I have to say about it. Another parent who has done that, may have been in a completely different hospital, but they would still know about the machines that bleep all night. They would know about the fear that keeps you awake. They would know about the comfort of the communal kitchen at gone midnight. They would remind you to bring a blanket and a cushion from home. They would remind you to bring earphones and suggest a calming playlist.

The one piece of advice I remember from my English classes is “write about what you know”, and I think that’s true for speaking too. Don’t pretend to be an expert if you are not!

For the good times

Support groups don’t have to be for the bad times. They can be for the good times too. I’m so grateful to be part of my blogging group and gain new knowledge about this hobby from other bloggers, and passing on to others what I’ve already learned.

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I like being part of the crafting community too, and swapping tips and ideas, or just spending time together making things with my friend Christine or my Mum (but she’s miles away so it doesn’t happen often).

I hope that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you’re getting the best support and the best advice.


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0 thoughts on “Support Groups and Self Help”

  1. I love being a part of supportive communities. I’ve been lucky to find two this year, our Twitter group and also my alcohol free tribe at one year no beer. I have found some self-help books to be useful as well though. There are good and bad ones. The best ones are where someone has gone through the experience themselves definitely x

  2. It’s so true, the best support comes from those who’ve experienced the same thing. I really admire people like you who share their stories even when it’s hard, that’s what really supports others and lets people know they’re not alone.

  3. Until this post, I didn’t really think about our group of bloggers as a support group. I read the first part of this and was like I want to have support groups for things. Because books are great but not everything. But then you said how we were a support group and it’s so true. This blogging thing would’ve been a lot lonelier without y’all and I’m not sure I would’ve stuck to it. Love you all and love this post!!💕

  4. Great post, it’s always great to be in a support group where others have experienced the same thing or similar things as they do know what you’ve been through. I do have a few self help books which I do find amazing (mostly the ones where they actually write about their own experiences too as you then know that they went through it too) ♥️

    Chloe Chats xx

  5. Every post I read from you is so calming. You’re definitely right that it’s much nicer to seek support from people that have been there and done that. You’re the best type of person to have in any group and I’m so happy we’re in the gang together ❤

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