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Bone Marrow Donor Appeal

We are urgently looking for a Bone Marrow Donor for our son.

A photo of Steven with text that reads Urgent Appeal for a Bone Marrow Donor. Steven is 20 years old and has cancer for a 3rd time. He desperately needs a bone marrow transplant and his family are searching for a donor. If you are between 16 and 30 years old and in good health, please consider joining the stem cell register. You could save a life!

To join the register please use either or if you are over 30 years old you may be eligible to join via

The shape of the UK made out of grey dots on a white background. The text reads only 2% of people in the UK are registered as stem cell donors.

Only 2% of people in the UK are registered as stem cell donors

Please help our search for a bone marrow donor by sharing our posts on social media. Please tell your friends and family about Steven and ask them to share too. We shall be using #stevensbmt on Twitter and Instagram. Can we get a trending hashtag?

You could even tweet your favourite celebrity like I did 😊

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