Society behaving badly – is it getting worse?

If you look at the news it seems that negative events are going on all around us. Is it getting worse, and who is to blame?

The general behaviour of some people in society has really taken a dive in my opinion, with people acting in ways that would have been totally unacceptable a few years ago.

I believe that it starts with bad manners and low morals and gets worse from there. There’s a lack of respect for people and property that just didn’t seem so apparent when I was growing up.

Look around the shelves this Christmas and most of the toys are something to do with poo. Where are all the nice toys? Why has everything been downgraded?

Social media has made it so easy for people to be unkind to each other, or to promote some kind of reckless behaviour. We have a huge responsibility to uphold when we use the internet, yet with a few clicks some just trample all over others.

The place where we used to live was dire, and we were in fear of what was happening right on our doorstep the whole time. It was rapidly becoming a no-go area. The authorities seemed helpless and the hooligans knew it. Right outside our home was a popular spot for fly tippers to dump their rubbish. One night a large television appeared. Within hours, small children were kicking and smashing the screen while their mother looked on. It was just normal life on that estate.

What about the mess customers make in retail stores? Dropping clothes on the floor and leaving them there? At what point did companies say actually it’s ok to make a mess in our shop because we will just pick it up for you?

What about dropping litter in the street? Years ago, I challenged somebody for dropping litter even though they were standing right next to a rubbish bin. They just hurled abuse at me. Another day I spoke out at a person who had shoved past a blind lady waiting to cross the road. They just shouted at me and told me I was rude. It was at a time in my life when I was definitely more outspoken, and I felt confident enough to step in to any situation. I wouldn’t dare challenge someone now.

If nobody is prepared to step forward though, things will just get worse. Society, to a certain extent, is self regulatory. When people feel something isn’t right, they say so. This is how campaigns start.

The most upsetting thing I heard about recently is in regards to a beautiful reservoir nearby. The water levels became so low this year that a once drowned village was revealed. It is an area of huge historical importance. However, instead of visitors showing respect for their heritage, they came and vandalised it instead. It was reported that even families were seen wrecking parts of the site.

I often say I don’t like people, and that’s because I can’t seem to go anywhere without seeing some sort of upsetting behaviour. I’m also aware that my mental health problems make me less tolerant, but I feel that my rant here is totally justified.

Are you a rule maker or a rule breaker?

~ mXc ~

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  1. I think this is fantastic piece and I couldn’t agree more!

    It’s certainly the way now, that you feel when approaching a stranger, that the outcome is far more likely to be a negative experience than a positive one! I despise seeing anyone litter, but it happens so often and so often are you abused for pointing it out, that it becomes a difficult interaction to pursue. People are looking to be entitled and steadfast, rather than educated.

    And I agree with you in terms of society deteriorating, just in general with rudeness like dropping things off in stores but sometimes worse, a kind of rewarded rudeness; where videos of slapping people in the streets, or sexually assaulting young girls on camera is treated as a successful and shareworthy YouTube video!

    It does breed a kind of “I don’t like people” scenario, and that’s sad. Because it’s not something we innately want as a society. But “people” as a stereotype, do make it difficult to look on with optimism, especially with prevailing social media that perpetrates such negative behavior.

    Nevertheless, I enjoyed the rant! Sometimes it’s nice just to know there are people out there, who prove the stereotype is not to be relied upon!

    I guess the question, is when and how to we begin to handle this?

    • mariexceline says:

      I like to think I’m quite optimistic about people really, but it was good to put the question out there and see how others feel. I really appreciate your time and detailed comment. Thank you!

  2. Abby says:

    Gosh, this was a hard post to read. It makes me so sad. There are good people out there. We spend each day trying to spread hope and joy and it gets really, really hard when you continue to see things like this happen. And the media makes everything worse / more “normal” so it doesn’t appear to be stopping. But we can only keep trying to be the best we can. 💗

  3. alisonw30 says:

    I think that sadly this is true although I do think there are nice people with good manners still out there!! The dropping litter thing really gets on my nerves!

  4. Paula |The Value of a Moment says:

    Very powerful post, Marie! I couldn’t agree more, I too am saddened by the decline in manners and general lack of civility in the world today. In the US, it’s simply atrocious, I long for the days when thoughtfulness and consideration for others was the rule, not the exception. Thank you for sharing this!!

  5. Parli Parle says:

    I can certainly see that there’s an infection of nihilism that has taken root today, but I think (would hope) that social media distorts just how many people are plagued with this nihilistic ideology.

    Very good read!

  6. Kim says:

    I was nodding alone to this post. I was brought up with manners and to help other people if needed – I wouldn’t dream of littering and pick my litter up if I drop it by accident (falls out my pocket). I’ve had abuse hurled at before for helping others or calling people out, so I can relate.

  7. Chloe Chats says:

    It is sad how people treat the world nowadays, there’s no need to even throw rubbish on the floor, there’s no need to be rude to people – I guess not everyone will have the same morals and will care less about the world, but it is really heartbreaking to witness. More kindness is definitely needed in this world!
    Chloe xx

  8. Geraldine says:

    Wow Marie this is so true, I feel! Things have definitely gone more recently and it’s not just you that feels that way. It’s the way people behave toward others and even parents .. there’s just a lack of respect in a lot of areas, sadly

  9. Lavrax says:

    This was so powerful, I felt EVERY word that you said. I’m sorry that people were unkind to you when you only tried to make it a better place for everyone, unfortunately for some reason, people may think they can just be unkind to anyone without thinking about it. I always try to be kind to people and our earth, but today I will be extra careful to do so. Because the world needs it. I loved this post so much, you have a very authoritative yet gentle voice and I would love to hear you speak about important stuff like this more often! You’ve just inspired me!

  10. I agree so much with this. I work in retail and on that front its getting worse and worse. People knock over whole piles of things and wont even apologise- they walk away completely unphased.
    Its awful 💔

  11. ashleyleia says:

    I think we’ve become a lot more individualistic as a society, and the internet has given a sense of anonymity that can make people feel less responsible for their actions. More compassion is definitely needed.

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