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Do you share your blog on other sites?

I have my WordPress set up to automatically post to my Tumblr and Twitter accounts.

I do not always share on my Facebook page because that is for my craft only.

I have two Instagram accounts. One is for my craft and one is a private account. I am trying to decide whether to use my private account to share my blog. At the moment I have the Instagram widget in my sidebar, sharing my craft account.

My craft accounts are virtually dormant while I try to find my mojo again …

I hardly ever use Snapchat these days, although I might use the camera to take a snap and then just save it to my camera roll.

I do have a profile on LinkedIn, but again this was really set up for craft purposes.

I use WhatsApp ALL THE TIME. It’s my favourite way of sending a message. I do use the status feature, but I don’t often share my blog there.

I can waste hours on Pinterest. It is like picking up a glossy magazine. I will share my blog there occasionally.

My Flickr account is where I back up all my photos, and I belong to a few groups; my craft group, flowers and macro photography. I have installed the Flickr widget in the sidebar of this blog. All my infographics are backed up there too.

If you are viewing this blog as the mobile version, click on the menu bar top right and scroll down to see the widgets.

I also have two YouTube channels, one for craft and one for my travel/photography videos.

Saturday is the day I have set aside for sharing on my blog, so if you would like me to feature your blog, page or whatever, please leave me a comment or use my contact form to send me the link.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and follows my other accounts. Your support is truly appreciated.


Social Links | Icons

Social Links

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  1. jennavive72 says:

    I have my blog linked to my Facebook page, and a link in my Instagram bio…I don’t think it ever brings people to my blog but that’s ok…I write my blog for me not others LOL!

    • mariexceline says:

      I’m like you in as much as I write for myself too. It’s nice to get comments of course, but I don’t really get any traffic from people clicking on links, but that’s fine! 😃

      Thank you for visiting. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. 🙂 As you already know, I share the links to my blog on Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.

    Do have yourself a wonderful weekend!

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