Rant Alert: Technical issues between mobile and desktop

Rant alert

I had to have a quick late night edit of one of my published posts recently.

I had originally gone back in to the post to correct a grammatical error. When I updated the post, horror of horrors, my automatic numbering (ordered list) was all over the place. I have had this happen once before with the plain bullet points (unordered list).

It seems to be an issue between creating the post on the desktop version and then editing on the mobile version, and vice versa.

Has anyone else had this problem? Please drop me a comment below.

I create the majority of posts on my phone and keep the formatting simple usually. The mobile app has basic features and has mostly been ok up to now. As the ordered/unordered lists are included in what is available on the app I would expect them to work.

The graphic I have made for this post is me poking fun at myself, but it has a serious note too. In one of my therapy sessions it was noted that perhaps I was a bit more cross than I was letting on!

That said then, I do need to find some more descriptors about exactly how cross I was …

In the case of the messed up formatting, it was a massive inconvenience. I was tired and agitated that I had to work quickly to resolve this problem and save further embarrassment late in the day, when I should have been winding down.

I was annoyed with myself because I had failed to notice the error in my grammar before I published. Then I was annoyed that correcting that problem had created another.

It was a post that originally I had been proud of, but it was now showered with disappointment because it was no longer perfect in my eyes. I worried that my readers had seen my mistakes and laughed or thought I was a failure as a blogger.

I know that a lot of that would be classed as over thinking, but my blog is supposed to be making me feel better, not worse. At that point, my blog was not doing that job, I had let myself down and my blog had let me down.

Grrrr! Rant over!


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  1. 🙂 Thank you, Marie-Céline!

    • mariexceline says:

      I have tried using Safari today but I still had to go back to the app for finishing touches, so will try a combination of the two in future and see how I get on. If I need numbers I will either type them or use the numbers emoji if I’m on my phone, although I’m not sure they would display properly if not on a mobile. It’s all good fun isn’t it haha!

  2. 🙂 I had the same issue with the WordPress App. The issue was easily rectified by handling the list aspect via WordPress on the Samsung Internet browser on my Android smartphone.

    I have noticed that I do not experience any formatting issues whenever I access WordPress via my smartphone’s default browser.

    However, things are not supposed to go wack when you edit your blog posts via your computer.

    To be on the safe side, do your editing on WordPress via the Safari web browser on your iPhone.

    The WordPress App is buggy.

    I do hope that the solution helps.

    Have a great day, Marie-Céline!

  3. Kripi says:

    Don’t worry dear everyone make mistakes but that doesn’t mean that you’re a failure.Mistakes are part of learning.Don’t feel bad about it, don’t let down yourself.Keep trying and one day you will be amazing.

  4. ashleyleia says:

    I don’t think you or your blog let you down, I think WordPress let you down. It’s great in so many ways, but it has its random hiccups that I think all of us have had to deal with at one point or another.

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