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Pink Paper Patchwork

This is my pink paper patchwork piece inspired by Kate Crane on YouTube.

I used my Gel Press to make an A4 sheet of patterned paper. It is just copier paper, nothing fancy.

For this pink patchwork print I used inks instead of paint. I didn’t know if it would work so it was a play day rather than a plan. It’s always good when these experiments work out.

Distress Ink

I Googled “can you use distress ink with a Gel Press” and didn’t really get a proper answer. However, a quick look on YouTube and I saw that other crafters had tried, so I knew it wouldn’t ruin my plate.

The thing with distress ink is that it will pool on the top of the plate if you use too much. That’s what happened to me at first, but I quite liked that. I can use my test prints in a journal.

pale pink shell shapes with grey dots printed patterned paper
the grey dots are where the ink has created pools, but I quite like the effect

Using the distress ink re-inker dropper bottles works very well. Just one or two tiny drops on the plate and then brayered out go such a long way.

If you use an ink pad, you only need to touch the ink to the plate three or four times for my size plate, which is the 6×6 inch one.

When you brayer the ink it looks like there’s nothing on the plate. It’s magic though! I had several trial runs before printing my final design for this project.

Memento Ink

You can be more generous with this type of ink because is doesn’t pool on the plate. The method is the same as the distress ink pads. Gently press the pad onto the plate several times to transfer some ink, then use a clean brayer to distribute the ink evenly across the plate.

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I used just two stencils for this inky experiment and both gave interesting results. I inked the plate first, then placed the stencil on top. Next I got a piece of copy paper and blotted off some of the ink. I then removed the stencil and pulled the print.

By printing in each corner of the A4 sheet I produced a “masterboard” of different but co-ordinated prints ready to cut into strips to make the patchwork.

pink printed paper with all over stencilled pink flower design
a master board can be cut down to make several coordinated projects

How to make the paper patchwork

Cut strips of paper the same width but different lengths. Ink the edges. Arrange on a backing sheet, leaving one or two gaps as shown.

strips of pink patterned paper
cut your patchwork print into strips of the same width
strips of patterned pink paper arranged in patchwork design
then cut the strips into varying lengths

Add some stamping across the design to bring it all together. I used stamps from Visible Image.

patterned pink paper arranged in patchwork design with stamped circles and stitching details
ink the edges of each piece before arranging them on the background – once stuck then stamp across the design to bring it together – add stitching details

I used a stamp to represent the stitches, but you could use hand stitching or a sewing machine. The stamp is from a set of journal stamps from The Works.

I finished by adding a trio of punched flowers in the gap between two strips. I inked the flowers to match.

the finished pink patchwork design with three purple paper flowers added
embellish with flowers or similar

To see how Kate created her paper patchwork, you can either visit her blog or watch the video.

Thanks for reading.

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