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Past, Present and Future: Urban Decay and Regeneration

Sheffield 2018

Cannon Brewery

Cannon Brewery, Neepsend

Cannon Brewery is a large derelict building in the Neepsend area of Sheffield (near Kelham Island). It closed it’s gates for the last time in 1999 with the loss of 57 jobs. Permission has been granted for it’s demolition, and it has just been left to rot.

Park Hill Flats

Park Hill Flats

Park Hill Flats overlook the city from up on the hill by the railway station. One block of flats has been regenerated by a company called Urban Splash. The remaining blocks of flats are waiting for the next phase.

Eco Homes

Eco Homes at Kelham Island

The Kelham Island area includes new Eco Homes which have incorporated parts of the old buildings into new structures.

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