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Paper Bunting | Paper Hearts | Craft Owl Challenge πŸ§‘πŸ’—πŸ¦‰

I have used my paper die cutters from The Works to make this bunting, but you could use your own template.

I cut four large hearts and four of the next size down (there are a total of five in the set). I also cut three of the smallest size and used these to hide the ‘blue-tack’ which is holding the bunting up.

The hearts are threaded on to Dovecraft bakers twine, but thin ribbon, yarn or plain string would also work.

This was a very quick and easy project. I love the combination of the pink and orange together and the bunting brightens an area of our hallway where we haven’t got round to redecorating yet.

You can still enter the challenges at Craft Owl Blog. The next theme will be published after 14th February.


What will you make?

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