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October Stats

Happy November!

Some bloggers have been sharing their stats for October, so not wishing to be left out, here are mine:

  • Views = 934
  • Visitors = 312
  • Posts published = 21

Prior to October I had published daily, sometimes more, and I want to return to posting daily again.

I’m starting November with 172 followers and I would like to end the month on 300, therefore I am aiming to continue to increase my interactions with other bloggers. The problem is that the number of followers is influenced more by good content I believe, than by just commenting on other blogs. When I started this blog it was to benefit my wellbeing and not just to gain subscribers. I have not changed my mind about this, but I still hope that my blog will grow! Bloggers who have a niche are definitely more likely to grow their blogs quickly.

My other blog, Craft Owl, is different – I am writing that for other people, not just myself. I want to inspire people to get creative, and November sees the start of my craft challenges.

Craft Owl Makes

I am very grateful to all those who do follow my blog – you have created my stats, not me! Please carry on supporting me, and if you like my blog perhaps you would share it with others.


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