New habits and how to make them stick

This is a good read if you find it easy to start a new habit, but have difficulty making it last:

The basic idea is that you give yourself a time limit. The theory is that any amount of time spent on your new habit is not wasted time, and that we should celebrate what we have achieved instead of dwelling on the fact that we have given up soon after we started!

For example, you may decide you should do more walking. If you say that you will go for a walk every day for a week, it may be easier to stick to that plan rather than try to go for a walk every day for ever more. At the end of the week you may decide that you will try for another week, but even if you give up, you will still have walked for a week. On review, you may decide to have a break and then take up your new habit again next month – this doesn’t matter – just celebrate your achievements.

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  1. ashleyleia says:

    I agree, it helps to break things down into more manageable pieces.

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