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My tips for using Instagram

Instagram tips
Disclaimer: this is not a post guaranteed to get you more followers. These are my methods I use to make my Instagram look the way I like it to look.

I have just set up a new Instagram account to compliment my YouTube channel, and these are the rules I have made for myself, so that I can try to maintain a consistent look as much as possible.

Rule of 3

I aim to upload 3 photos at a time so that when people view my account they will see a fresh row of photos each time.

Filters and Frames

I have a few filters I like to use and I like to frame my pictures occasionally too. You can use a frame without using the filter. If you change the slider you can remove the filter but keep the frame.

My favourite filter is Lo-Fi

I have used it here, with the frame:

Kelham Island via @mschoffy on IG

click here to view original post

Here I have used the frame only:

Limehouse via @mschoffy on IG

click here to view original post

Bigger pictures

There are apps you can use to post your picture to give the illusion that it is bigger. PREVIEW is the app I have used when I have wanted to do this.

These apps work by creating a grid and breaking your picture down into smaller squares. You then post them in the order the app tells you to post them in and the job is done.

I used it on my Craft Owl account to highlight a creation I was very proud of. Some IG accounts only post this type and it is very effective.

Craft Owl on Instagram


This free app from Google is available on iOS and Android. It is easy to use and you can fine tune your photo (before you upload it to Instagram) so that you can make sure it stands out.

I also have a favourite frame in Snapseed. It makes it look like colour has leaked around the edges.

I used it in my post about the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield.


Instagram Stories

I add my posts to my story, and then I add my story to my individual highlights, grouped by theme (in my case location). It keeps my posts organised for people to find again.

IG Stories

Thank you for reading. I hope you found this useful. Please drop me a comment below and tell me if you have any tips for using Instagram.


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