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My three Angels

Every so often, when life gets really tough, I need a bit of help. Now I have some lovely people on my side in this world – family and friends who support me – but just occasionally when I have to be exceptionally brave, I call upon departed souls.

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I imagine that my three angels are still with me, maybe one of them resting a hand on my shoulder, or just standing near me and casting their light in my life. The three of them together, shielding me from harm.

Even if you don’t believe in another world, or the afterlife, it may be helpful to think of inspirational people when times are hard.

Aunty P

This beautiful lady, from my maternal side of the family, was actually my great Aunt; my grandmother’s sister. My grandmother moved abroad before I was born, and so my Aunty was like a grandmother to me. She had so much love and would spoil us every time we visited (not necessarily with money or gifts, but by making us feel so loved and special).

One of my favourite things to do was to go to the local shops with her in her VW Beetle. It was a fun car for a fun person. I have a rubber stamp of that style of car. I use in my card making and it makes me think of her every time I use it.

She was very wise and a very good listener. She was also a cat lady, but all her fur babies had found her, obviously knowing what a kind person she was. Visiting my Aunt always felt like such an adventure because we had to travel what felt like hundreds of miles to see her and my Uncle (who was also a sweetheart). The journey was in fact just from Kent to north of London, but it was before the M25 was built.

Aunty J

Another kind and generous lady, but from my paternal side of the family. She was married to one of my Dad’s brothers. She was known for being an amazing cook, renowned for her cheese scones,  and would spend hours in her kitchen making food for everyone. She gave away jams, pies, quiche, cakes, her famous cheese scones, and lots more to friends, family and neighbours. She loved writing and receiving cards and letters, never missing someone’s birthday. I think of her when I send my snail mail.

I often stayed with her and my Uncle in the summer holidays, and enjoyed my mini breaks very much.

My friend L

My friend L was such an inspiration. She was a very hard working single Mum who didn’t stand for any nonsense, but she was never unkind. If you needed practical help, as well as a shoulder to cry on, she was there for you. She was totally reliable.  She picked me up many a time when I was down.

One of her favourite things was to sit and watch a film. She never knew about Netflix, but if she was still alive today she would absolutely love it. The film that reminds me of her is Music And Lyrics, as that’s the last film we watched together.

When she received her cancer diagnosis, I thought it was so terribly UNFAIR, as she had been so much help to me when my son had cancer. Nobody deserves that illness, but I felt so angry for her!

On the day she died, I was out for a walk with my husband and we saw the most beautiful field of poppies. When we got back to the car I got the call to say she had passed away. Those poppies were my sign that she would always be with me and never be forgotten.

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12 thoughts on “My three Angels”

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  2. Lovely post. I definitely believe in signs from those who’ve left us. I’m convinced my Dad is sending me feathers as I keep finding them in strange places. My friend who lost her mum had a random dream about frogs and then saw a new frog sculpture in a park they used to visit together. Knowing they are watching over us is very comforting 🙂

  3. Hi, Marie-Celine.
    This is honestly such a touching tribute and I am so happy that you knew these remarkable ladies and still have these angels to help guide you throug life. May they be the source of much comfort and strength to you now and forever. I am sure you brought them much comfort and joy while they were still alive too.
    Take care.
    Hanna x | missbeautysaver

  4. This was such a lovely post, I also believe that you may see things that are signs that your loved ones are watching over you. It’s so lovely when we can think of the the loved ones who have departed from things like flowers, it’s a beautiful positive reminder. I have a few things that remind me of my two pap’s and nan who have passed away.

    Chloe xx

  5. Marie, you have me crying. Which seems all too easy these days. These three women sound amazing and I love the influence they’ve had on you. Just reading about them made me see the impact they made on you whether it’s Aunty J who gave you some of your love for crafting or your friend L who gave you some of the support you show all of us today. You are amazing and these three ladies are amazing!! Thank you for sharing!!💗

  6. Aunty P and aunty J sound like such wonderful ladies and you sound like the luckiest person to have had them in your life. As for your friend L, I am sorry for your loss and that story about the poppies was so beautiful, Marie. All of these ladies were just as lucky to have known you x

  7. Paula |The Value of a Moment

    This is such a beautiful post, Marie. I believe in angels, and I believe that we do get signs from our departed loved ones. I’ll think of you and your friend whenever I see poppies!

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