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Me, the washing machine and a Panda

Childhood Memories | mariexceline

Saturday was traditionally a shopping day. With Dad at work all week, and Mum not yet being able to drive, the “big” food shop, and anything else that was heavy had to be purchased on a Saturday. There was no Sunday opening and no online shopping in those days.

We would go to either the small town nearby, or the larger town not so nearby. Both were exciting. The small town had a park which had tame squirrels, ducks on the river, a castle, swings near the car park and a little Model Railway you could ride on.

The larger town was exciting because it was further away and had different shops. It also was much busier and had a steep hill to climb. We didn’t go there as much, which added to the excitement when we did go – it was such a treat! Apart from climbing the steep hill. Not such a treat for little legs.

On this particular Saturday, the washing machine needed replacing and we went to the small town to look for a new one.

Now I have no idea how we actually ended up purchasing one AND bringing it home the same day. I can only imagine this was due to trying to address the immediate need of a new washing machine, and saving on the cost of delivery.

The family car at that time was a Fiat Panda 4×4. The ‘four wheel drive’ part was very important as this tiny machine was actually a super hero when it came to towing the family caravan. Yes, indeed – I said caravan!

However, as I mentioned, it was a tiny car, very tiny, and the only way to get home with me and the washing machine together was to put the back seats down and for me to squeeze into a small space next to the huge appliance.

Please note that this was before the new seat belt laws of today, so while it was a bit risky, it was legal.

Admittedly it was very uncomfortable, but we did get home safely and the new washing machine was duly installed.

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