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Make your own landing page

If you look at my pages menu, you will see a page called links. It is my new landing page. It all happened because I used to have linktree on my Instagram, but then I read this article:

It made sense to use my blog as my landing page. It’s all extra traffic so that must be good, yes?? Why send traffic to linktree instead?

The alternative is to update the link in your bio every single time you post, but as I’m on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc it is just too much to remember.

It was simple enough to set up. It is just an image to represent each of my websites, and then the link underneath. Clickity Click!!

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0 thoughts on “Make your own landing page”

  1. I didn’t realize took that much away! I am using that for my Instagram so I have to rethink this! Thank you Marie! ☺️

    1. People used it on Instagram because you can only put one link in your bio. If you set up a linktree account you could have lots of links plus see how many clicks they got etc, and you put the linktree link in your bio instead. Clear as mud?!

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