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Simple Cards with Envelopes

Simple Cards with Envelopes

“Just To Say” Cards

I am in need of inspiration and where better to start than looking back at some of my own creations?

That’s not me being big headed, that’s me being practical! If it is something I have made before, then it should be easy for me to make again. I will already have the tools and materials plus the skills and knowledge needed.

I have a set of stamps for the faux post mark that include a whole range of sentiments. I can make a batch of these cards and then stamp the sentiment later, depending on the occasion.

The faux postage stamp in the corner is made using a small square die that came free with my old Cuttlebug (my first die cutting machine) and whatever stamped images I feel like using.

It would seem like a good place to start trying to get my crafting mojo back together.

I do like to have a stock of cards available, although I confess I’m not the greatest at getting them into a post box. It didn’t used to be that way – almost the opposite in fact.

It’s a shame that “snail mail” isn’t as popular as it was. It needs a revival. I believe there are some groups on social media that have that aim. Drop me a comment below if you know of any good ones please!

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  1. Alys says:

    I adore snail mail, it’s so nice to physically receive things in the post xx

  2. I love this post. Letters are one of the things I miss since social media, email and text arrived on the scene. The below site is a great one for reviving the use of letters- supports mental health as well

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