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Make it Monday

Wedding bouquet | handmade

Monday is the day when I will share the things I have crafted.

I will include as much detail as possible about how I have made the item.

Today I am sharing my Wedding Bouquet.

Wedding bouquet | handmade

Handmade with paper flowers

You can purchase polystyrene spheres online or from craft shops. The paper flowers were also purchased online.

The paper flowers have wire stems which you can push into the polystyrene.

This was by no means a cheap item to create, but unlike a fresh bouquet of flowers, it still looks as good today as the day I got married. So I do consider it was worth the money it cost to make.

I would definitely recommend a handmade wedding. It makes the day so much more personal. If you are planning your wedding, think about what you could make yourself, and ask your friends if they have any ideas of things they could make for you.

Consider using Pinterest because it is such a good source of inspiration, and you could have a collaborative board with all your crafty friends to pin your ideas in one place.

Thank you for visiting my blog today.

See you again soon. Happy blogging!

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