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Letter to Heaven – The other side of the clouds

It has been a long time, my dear, since our last spoken words. Since we last saw the same things. Since we ate the same meal.

It has been a long while, since your time stood still, and my time carried on ticking. Tell me, do you count the days, the weeks, the years, in the same way that I measure time on Earth without you?

Tell me, do you see and smell the flowers left on your grave and by your favourite place in the sun? Do you understand that you are not forgotten? You will never be forgotten.

Will you save me a place by your side? I still have things to do here on Earth, but as soon as I am ready, I will be with you again.

There will be lots to say. I will tell you about Earthly things and you will say, “yes, I know, I saw it all” and then you will tell me about Heaven … because I have yet to see the other side of the clouds.

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