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Learn something new everyday

Learn Share Teach

It’s an old saying but I think it is very relevant to blogging.

To be a good blogger it really does pay to learn everything you can about it. Learn about writing, learn how to network, learn some new tips …

Most importantly though, I think, learn how to use whatever platform hosts your blog, and learn to use it well. Learn everything you can by pressing buttons, reading tutorials and asking other bloggers about it.

Then, when you have learned all you think you can learn, keep practicing your new skills, and don’t forget to SHARE your skills and TEACH other people.

What did you learn today?

You can apply this to anything, not just blogging. If you want to succeed, then FOCUS on doing that one thing well, rather than trying to do lots of things all at the same time.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please let me know in the comments if you have learned something new today, big or small!


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0 thoughts on “Learn something new everyday”

  1. I tend to do a LOT but I know it doesn’t help and I get confused! It’s so hard to get myself to focus on just one thing at a time. thank you for posting Marie!

  2. Honestly I’m always learning something new. I think it comes with the blogging territory because things are always being updated and evolved. I love learning all about it though & I look forward to the new things.

  3. Doing one thing well is something I’m really bad it – I’m an ALL THE THINGS, ALL THE TIME kind of person and I do really need to break out of that! Totally agree with learning your blog platform inside out, there’s so much you can do with blog platforms to make your blog the best it can be, especially with WordPress. Great post 🙂

  4. This is definitely so true! When I started I made so much use of other bloggers to learn stuff about how I manage my site, and every day I try to learn more and every day I actually learn more!
    Lavrax |

    1. Hi Renard. It’s everything really. There’s always a chance to learn something new, and talking to people who are already doing something is a great way of finding out about it. Have a great day and thank you for your comment.

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