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Just keep swimming

My thoughts on how blogging has helped me so far, and how my blog has developed over the past months.

I can write about whatever I like

The beauty of blogging is that you can write whatever you like (within reason), and since starting this blog I have definitely been doing just that.

I tried to stay within just a few topics so that you, my lovely readers, know what it is you have subscribed to.

My Twitter friends have, without a doubt, influenced my writing, and that’s not a bad thing. We encourage each other and we suggest ideas for collaboration, guest posts and tags. We are a good team as well as individual bloggers.

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I am developing a niche

As time has gone on I feel like I may be slowly developing a niche. I am definitely feeling the love for my crafts from all the likes and comments, and I think that’s what I’m posting more of at the moment, with a strong leaning towards snail mail and pen pals. I am trying to avoid both my blogs having similar content though and that’s getting tricky.

I am not a lifestyle blogger. I don’t wear makeup, so I have nothing to say about that, and I don’t do a lot of shopping (although I can’t resist a real bargain). I’ve recently started using EOS lip balm, and discovered it’s been around for about seven years, so I’m definitely not on trend here people!

We had a few days out in the summer (see my VLOG) but we don’t travel miles. I wouldn’t consider myself a travel blogger particularly. I like sharing photos, but I’ve not taken many photos of anything new recently.

Surprise View ©️ Marie Young 2018

I was using my blog to write about Childhood Cancer, but I’ve written as much as I can about that for now (and nobody wanted to read it anyway – so much for spreading awareness) …

I try my very best to help others, even at my lowest points. Several of my blog posts offer tips and tricks about various things. I believe very strongly in sharing the knowledge to help others grow. I have revived my letter writing so that I can give out smiles, and it gives me a focus away from the screen.


Be The Rainbow …

I am keeping going

Before I started struggling with my mental health I was a completely different person. That seems like an obvious statement, sorry. I mean that depression and anxiety has taken so much away from me. Writing my blog is going to help me establish an identity again. It is one of things I’ve been talking about in my therapy sessions. I have my last appointment today, then I’m swimming on my own.

As I continue to write, I am hoping that you will see some more of the old me but I’m also hopeful that a new me will emerge. It’s not going to happen overnight though.

Thanks for sticking with me!

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