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Journal along with me | doodles

Doodles for journals

So you think you can’t draw? I’m sure that you can doodle, and probably do it absent mindedly when taking notes?

The following doodles were very simple. I got my inspiration from Pinterest. It’s the best place to look as you can find step by step instructions, and that makes it so much easier.

I’ve tried to edit the photos so that the paper doesn’t look so grey, but it still doesn’t look as white as I would like. It’s good enough though.

My hope is to incorporate some of these into my bullet journal, which you can find at

Flowers and nature doodles

Flowers and nature

Pink donut doodle

Pink donut

Vanilla donut doodle

Vanilla donut

Flowering cactus doodle

Flowering cactus

Cloud and rainbow doodle

Cloud and rainbow

Although these are part of my journal along with me series, I’m also linking them to the ongoing craft challenge.

I would love to see your doodles or journal – let me know if you join in!

Doodles for journals

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