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Journal along with me | February Monthly Spread

Here I am using my A4 lined notebook from The Works. It’s spiral bound, so it opens flat or folds completely back on itself, and that’s a very helpful thing. It’s also easy to tear out a page if you make a terrible mistake … which is exactly what happened to my first attempt at this monthly. Happy endings though, as I like this spread more than the first one.

A4 notebook bullet journal monthly spread

I have stamped the title but everything else is my own writing. I planned the spread with a pencil and ruler, then added the pen. After I had waited an extraordinary amount of time for all the ink to dry, I gently erased the pencil marks and hurrah no smudged ink.

I would always recommend a few light pencil marks to begin with as it does reduce the likelihood of making an error.

This series is specifically about journaling on a budget and simple spreads for beginners … BUT … I did get a Leuchtummmmmmm* Journal with dotted pages for Christmas – yay! If you would like to nosy at those pages then I have dedicated a whole new Instagram account to it 🙂

Marie-Celine Blog Signature

*It’s Leuchtturm really of course!

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9 thoughts on “Journal along with me | February Monthly Spread”

  1. Love your page layout, so creative! And love the tip of waiting for the pen ink to dry before rubbing out the pencil lines.. I’ve done that so much before where you do it straight away and you get the pen smudge!

    Chloe Chats xx

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