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A story of change

Life in squares Instagram a story of change

Instagram – our life in squares

When Instagram started in 2010 we were encouraged to share snippets of our life in squares.

At first we embraced this new 1:1 ratio, because a cup of coffee fitted perfectly in the frame, as did our breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am sure I am not the only one who can’t take a mouthful of a nicely presented latte until it has been fully insta-ed.

When we tried to share portrait or landscape photos though, we found that our scenes were cropped, and we didn’t like that. I know that it is possible to post photos that aren’t square these days, but, they still get cropped to fit the square grid that makes your feed.

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Changing shape

Developers of photo apps came to our aid with the “instafit” idea, which added the necessary border to make our pictures the correct ratio again.

Although the instafit option wasn’t the greatest, we settled back into the idea of squares again and all was well. My favourite app for this is CYMERA.

Later, we discovered flat lay photography and a whole new breed of well groomed, picture perfect, themed Instagram feeds emerged. I am in awe of those beautiful photos and how they get their white space so white!

Flat lay photography by Canva for Instagram

Stories were implemented to try to draw in the Snapchat generation, and that gave us a 2 in 1 experience, sharing our staged, cropped perfectly square lives alongside the quick snap (or video) (in portrait) (with text) (and stickers) of us in a queue at the supermarket or our pets playing frisbee.

You may be wondering what point I am trying to make here. Quite simply – things change and nothing stays the same forever. I could’ve chosen anything as an example, but I chose Instagram because of the squares; the rigid uniform shape that had to adapt to the needs of the user.

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6 thoughts on “A story of change”

    1. The fit button is a bit misleading as it still crops your pictures to show them as square on your grid view. The app I use adds a frame to make them fit in a square. I have to use it all the time for

  1. When I think about Instagram I always sit and wonder how it became a ‘thing’ to share little snippets of our lives to others, I guess that’s the same with all social media, it’s funny how we just want to share everything to the world!

    Chloe xx

    1. It’s funny isn’t it? Some people just have no filter either haha! How many people would open their front door and shout their status out into the street? I don’t think anyone would … Thanks for commenting (it was in the spam again though *sad face*) Mx

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