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How to take a break from your blog and still post daily

Days of the week

You may think it’s impossible, but you can blog daily without being a slave to the keyboard. The simple answer is the write your posts when you have the time, and schedule them for when you need to take a break.

Here’s how to schedule a post:

This is something that I do regularly to ensure that I can update my blog every day. It is made even easier by having themed days. In other words, because I always post about my crafts on a Monday, photographs on Wednesday, short films on a Sunday, etc, I can schedule several weeks in advance. I then just fill in the gaps, and I often have a long list of draft posts ready to go to save even more time.

This method is what suits me best, but it won’t suit everyone of course. I do not claim to be a blogging expert, but I have been blogging daily for quite a while and I enjoy it.

Sometimes bloggers like to take a complete break, but it is partly a personal challenge of mine to publish a blog post every day. Blogging is a big commitment because you have to be able to write your blog posts AND read and comment on other blogs if it is really going to work.

To actually sit down every day and write, proof read, publish, catch up on reading blogs I am subscribed to, comment and have a conversation with other bloggers, would be too full on for me; I would not manage! However, publishing every day is something I can do, and I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

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0 thoughts on “How to take a break from your blog and still post daily”

  1. Good post! I really need to start doing this. When I first started blogging I was on a roll, posting at least 2-3 posts a week then life just got in the way. I have a list of topics I want to write about and have yet to start!

  2. I schedule quite a few posts. I like to post throughout the week at different times, even when I’m fast asleep, so scheduling works for me. Because the blogs go all around the world, I like to give people on the other side prime time posting too.

  3. Great advice! I find that scheduling posts well in advance means you don’t have to make sudden last-minute changes, plus your readers get the consistent content that they look forward to each week 🙂

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