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How to get a custom YouTube URL with under 100 subscribers

Those YouTube links are so long aren’t they? Even more frustrating that you cannot have a custom URL for your YouTube channel unless you have reached 100 subscribers. It can be tough getting to that number, and meanwhile your URL is a meaningless bunch of characters.

I’ve got round the problem by making a custom URL with, like this:

What’s more, by using bitly, I can see the insights for the links I’ve created. If you download the app you can create short and memorable links from your phone.

There are other ways to shorten links, but I like bitly because it’s so easy to use and share links from the app.

This article explores link shortening in more detail. All the articles I have read do list bitly as being the best, and I shall be continuing to use it.

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0 thoughts on “How to get a custom YouTube URL with under 100 subscribers”

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  2. Hi Marie!

    Thanks for this lovely and helpful post! Will pass this info on to anyone I think it can help with less than 100 YT subs. So glad you mentioned about the app, I’d never thought of looking for that on in the googleplay store before but will do now! 😊

    Hanna Rose
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      1. I think you’ve helped out a lot of people here with this post Marie-Celine! Keep up the great work and have a fab weekend! 😁

  3. Paula |The Value of a Moment

    Dry clever!! Love it! I’m Hardly ever on YouTube (there are so many social media platforms to keep track of!) but I’m going to check out your videos!! 🌷

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