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How I make my “infographics”

Putting title text on photos to explain what a blog post is about

I was recently pointed in the direction of a brilliant app called Phonto. It is a free app, and so there are pop up advertisements, but there are no watermarks.

Text on photo

Infographics | Text on photo | Made with Phonto App

I think the app is simple to use but has a lot of features packed in.

You can upload a photo and add text, or start from scratch with a blank canvas. There are other backgrounds available in the paid version I believe. I start from scratch and create a gradient, which I then add text to. There are lots of different fonts to choose from, and you can change the style in many different ways. I have kept this one quite plain, although it is possible to have each letter a different colour if you wanted to be really fancy.

You can change the size of the canvas, so you can make intros, outros, headers, covers, instagram posts, etc.

The video I have made shows the app in use, with step by step details of the infographic I made for this blog post.

Please watch the video in landscape mode to see the full instructions.

Thank you for visiting my blog today. See you again ~ soon!


You will see that I have created the video using VivaVideo App. I found this the best app for adding text to video, as iMovie is very limited. Another blog post on that will be coming up.

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