Handwriting matters!

I believe that handwriting matters. It is as individual as we are, and wherever possible it should be encouraged. What do you think?

I love receiving handwritten letters from family and friends, and writing back to them, although I do send lots of text messages too.

Pick up a pen and write instead of using your phone when possible

I pick up a pen to write almost daily in my simple bullet journal, and I write in my other journals probably once a week.

a person handwriting at a desk
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I like to write lists and keep notes about things I need to remember. However, keeping notes this way is only as good as your filing system, so I do use apps like Evernote for this too.

Take care and take a break

Unfortunately, in the 1990s, I developed a repetitive strain injury from using a computer (too much data input) and this impacts on how much I can write, type, text, crochet, draw, clean and cook. It ended my career in financial services in quite a dramatic way, and I couldn’t return to office work full time, even after a break.

It is important to develop good habits when using a computer with regard to posture and also taking frequent breaks. In the 90s, it was a fairly new thing and so I had quite a fight for the diagnosis and to prove the cause. I worry how much damage frequent and prolonged computer gaming etc is hurting the next generation.

Next time you hand a young child a touchscreen, please consider swapping it for pen and paper instead. If you go to the seaside, write in the sand! Make cookies and let your child pipe icing onto them. Encourage writing wherever possible! I have kept things my son wrote on when he was little, as they really are so special – handwriting matters!

I won’t give up handwriting – even if I do just have to do a little at a time. There is just something about mark making with a pen, pencil, ink or paint that feels so good. I am not sure that children are encouraged enough to do handwriting.

What do the papers say about handwriting?

I found this article online and it seems I am not the only one with concerns


Thanks for reading – I would love to know if handwriting matters to you. Just leave me some feedback in the comments below 🙂

Edit: thank you Angela for linking to this post – I am glad you agree that handwriting matters too 🙂

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5 Responses

  1. I agree! I really enjoy handwriting. I find it slows my mind down so that I can catch my thoughts as well as reflect on them. Writing things out again and again was how I learned things during school and university, and I did take a lot of pride in my handwriting then.

    I also enjoy hand lettering, which is a slow and deliberate way of forming letters more akin to art than writing.

    I’m going to link to this blog post in my blog post today!


    • Marie-Celine says:

      Thanks so much Angela. I’m glad you agree 😃
      Hope you have a good day today. I look forward to reading your post!

  2. Michelle says:

    I agree! I’m a list maker to the extreme. 🤣 I love to write and prefer it over typing. I make sure my daughter handwrites a lot of her work during school, too. She complains of course (she’s 12) but she doesn’t realize right now how important it is. Plus if she’s writing it she’s remembering it. 🙂

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