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Reasons to be cheerful …1,2,3…

Do you need a bit of a boost when it comes to gratitude and being thankful?

Sometimes, when we are in a bad place, it is difficult to think of the good stuff. Nonetheless, just one seemingly tiny thing that’s good may help change your perspective.

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Gratitude log

Keeping a record of things you are grateful for each day provides you with a reminder to look back on when times are tough. I have gratitude pages in my journal, and I have started a Pinterest board too. It is a group board, so anyone can request to join and pin their own “reasons to be cheerful” to it.

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Focus on the good

Before I knew about Bullet Journals I had a small notebook where I would jot down a few sentences about my day. I made a pact with myself that I would only write down the good things. If I needed to refocus, I just had to look back through the pages.

Finding the good things when times are hard is a huge challenge though – or is that just me?

Reflecting on your day and searching for even the tiniest of wins can help you relax though. It may also put you in a better frame of mind to get a good sleep.


Join in with me

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