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A white pen on some white paper next to a cup of coffee and a bunch of pink roses. The text reads snail mail, from me to you, write a letter to a cancer patient to let them know you care

From Me To You is an organisation that aims to help cancer patients who may be feeling lonely and isolated in hospital.

If you know me well then you know I am big snail mail fan. I am always looking for ways to promote sending letters and inspire others.


An Instagram post from Royal Mail recently caught my eye, and I was directed to the From Me To You website.

Their aim is to encourage people to write a letter, or send a postcard, from anywhere in the world to help cancer patients in hospital.

An envelope, a fountain pen and three decorative tags. The envelope is orange with a polka dot pattern. The fountain pen is black, silver and pink. The tags are blue, beige and pink. The pink tag has a blue flower.

Please see the link below if you are looking for inspiration for writing.

From me to you | write a letter to a friend with cancer | UK | Our story to inspire you | why it is good to write a letter | our letter writing workshops
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If you don’t know what to write you can ask for one of their writing packs or read the samples on their page, but a postcard just to say hello would be fine. The idea is just to send something to a cancer patient in hospital so that the person doesn’t feel so isolated.

The details of how and where to send your letters is on their website. You can write anonymously if you prefer. Don’t expect a reply because that is not what this is about.

If you are a cancer patient and you would like to receive a letter then you can request one via their website too.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Michelle says:

    This is such a sweet idea!! I love this. 💕

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