Friday Favourites

I have a new app – it’s called Wunderlist – and it’s my new favourite for making lists.

Click here to visit Wunderlist and see for yourself

You can sync all your notes, which is great, and set reminders as notifications and/or emails.

It is very easy to use and I prefer it for my quick to-do lists where I don’t need lots of additional information. However, you can add extra to your note if you want to.

There is also the option to break down each task into subsections. This is great if something feels a bit overwhelming to attempt all in one go.

I have the free version and there are no adverts (yet) … there is a Pro version that appears to be for business users, and you can integrate it with Microsoft Outlook.

When I found out that it works with Microsoft Outlook, it made complete sense, because it is very similar to another of my favourite apps; Microsoft OneNote.

I use OneNote for long term goals and things I need to keep a record of, such as scans of documents etc.

I accidentally deleted my notes from the iCloud recently but luckily none of them were important. I don’t intend to make the same mistake with Wunderlist!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thank you for reading my blog. Please let me know if you have a favourite app for notes, reminders and lists … or do you just jot them down on paper?


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  1. ashleyleia says:

    I use Google Keep. It’s pretty basic, but I like that.

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