Friday Favourites


Hello, here we are at Friday again, and it is time to share a favourite. I did mention that I might slow down these posts, but that also it is a good thing to try to find positive things to think about. So, I will carry on until I can’t think of anything else!

This post is going to be about one of my favourite places.

The Peak District is a national park in the UK. I like visiting the wide open spaces, getting some fresh air and being away from people. There are hills to climb, streams to paddle in and awesome rock formations. There are also pretty villages to explore.

My first experiences of the Peak District would have been adventurous camping holidays with my parents and my brother. I can remember it being so cold in our tents one year! There was always the excitement of being “out in the wilds” though.

Nowadays I am lucky enough to live just a few hours from the edge of the Peak District, and we can spend a day just wandering.

I made a short film about The Longshaw Estate, which is a good place for us to start our day trips from. There is a visitor centre there, so you can ‘make yourself comfortable’ before you set out. There is also a small car park, but you need to get there early to get a space.

At Padley Gorge, there is an ice cream van, which is very popular.Surprise View

Thank you for reading, please drop me a comment about your favourite place or leave me some feedback on my video. It is always good to hear about other places people like to go.

Happy travels!


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