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Craft Challenge

Freestyle Craft Challenge March 2019

Freestyle Craft Challenge – March 2019

If you are looking for inspiration then look no further than this Freestyle Craft Challenge.

March 2019 - Freestyle Craft Challenge

Hi everyone! Craft Challenges have moved over from my old Craft Owl blog and have a new home here. I started hosting these challenges as a way to encourage other people to make things. They were also a way of getting a community of crafters working (or playing) together. Craft is known to lift the mood and help with overall wellbeing, so why not get involved?

This month is a freestyle craft challenge! You can therefore pull out all the stops on this one.

It’s easy to join in, because all you have to do is:

  1. Make something
  2. Take some photos and write a blog post about how you made it
  3. Include the link to this post in your blog post (then I will receive a notification)
  4. Publish your post and leave your link as a comment on this post
  5. Visit other entries and leave them some lovely feedback

More ways to enter this freestyle craft challenge

You can also enter on Instagram using #craftowlchallenge or #freestylecraftchallenge and tag me (@craft-owl) in your post.

Or, join in on the Pinterest Board: here

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I am looking forward to seeing what everyone makes so please get your thinking caps on and don’t forget to link back to me or tag me on Instagram. The link you need is:

Craft Challenge

My favourite crafts

When I make things it’s usually either papercraft, crochet and knitting. I do try to learn new techniques and sharing what I have learned with other crafters. After years of making crochet granny squares I have discovered how to make half granny squares aka triangles. This has given my blankets a new twist literally.

granny square blanket

I am also working on a new way to join the squares, and I will try it out on my next blanket.

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