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Five of my favourite flowering plants

favourite flowering plants

Flowering plants give us so much more value than cut flowers. I really miss having a garden, not just for the outside space, but for the opportunity to grow flowers. I am thinking about five of my favourite flowering plants today, and why they are my favourites. You can search for other plants on gardening websites like Gardeners World.

African Violets

These are top of my list of flowering plants because I can remember my Dad brought me home an African Violet once to cheer me up. I was off school due to an illness at the time. It wasn’t anything serious, but more than a common cold. I kept the plant on the windowsill of my bedroom.

Primula Auricula

I managed to grow some of these from seed. Growing flowering plants from seed is a big achievement and is a plus for your wellbeing. If successful you end up with many more plants than you could buy, so it is economical too. You can spread a little happiness by giving your plants away, or even sell them! I used pressed flowers from my plants on some cards I made. The flowers can be many different colours, but the one pictured below was the most common in my crop.

Primula Auricula
Primula Auricula

Look at these amazing specimens:


These beautiful flowering plants are actually bulbs. The flowers have a very strong perfume. I have one on my windowsill in the kitchen at the moment. Flowering plants teach you patience while you wait for them to reward you with their blooms.



Another green fingers victory. Years ago when I had a big garden, I started off a entire packet of foxglove seeds in my greenhouse and then planted them in a border that went the whole length of the garden. These magnificent plants can grow very tall in the right conditions. Some grew taller than me. Somewhere I have a photo as proof, but for now you will just have to trust me on that! The plants do not produce flowers until their second year, so you have to play the waiting game again. The plants produce a poison, which is extracted and used in medicine to treat heart conditions. This is the only plant on my list that you cannot grow indoors!

Geranium (pelargonium)

More childhood memories. I love the smell of these hothouse plants because they remind me of going to work with my Dad in the school holidays. The smell of tomatoes growing under glass also brings back happy memories. I have also successfully grown geraniums myself. The most common colour is probably red, although many other colours can be grown.

What are your favourite plants and why?

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22 thoughts on “Five of my favourite flowering plants”

  1. I cannot wait until I have a house with a garden and I can have so many pretty looking flowers! I love Geraniums, my faves are probably orchids, I used to have some but I’m not great at looking after them!

    Chloe Chats xx

    1. Gardening can be hard work but you get out what you put in. I hope you can have your own garden soon Chloe. Orchids are very temperamental I think! Mx

    1. Ahh lovely yes I remember picking sweet peas from my parents garden when I was growing up, and also from my own garden later. And roses just smell wonderful. Thanks Alison xx

  2. Some really great flowers here, Marie! Geranium’s are so lovely! They always remind me of my grandma’s garden! As well as Hyacinths. Such a shame they all make me sneeze more often than not, damn allergies! Great post, lovely! x

  3. I love lupins because they remind me of the gardens of my childhood – Dad always had lupins at the back of the borders. You don’t seem to see them much anymore. I also love fuschias , there are so many varieties and they can flower for ages. My garden is not up to much but I have a lovely weigela which flowers early in the year and I really like the contrast between the very dark leaves and pink flowers. I’ve never had one in my garden but I love to see Wisteria on houses and I also love to see magnolia in bloom but it’s a bit of a shame that they bloom before the tree has much leaf growth.

    1. Lupins are quite tall aren’t they? I like fuchias but they don’t like me cos I can’t look after them very well. Mum used to have weigela and also when we lived on the farm we did have wisteria growing on the house. Magnolia is very pretty but I always think that they only last until the first rain and then they go brown – a bit like white buddleia. Talking of buddleia I love how they grow out of the walls of derelict buildings!

    1. Aren’t they lovely! I bought a plant last week and it has three blooms waiting to flower. I am hoping it will make our whole home smell.

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