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Film Friday

Mam Tor, Derbyshire, UK

Following advice from my blogging friend Renard I have cast the iOS app aside for this post, just to see how I get on.

There is no “Friday Favourites” post today because, to be honest, I think I’ve exhausted my supply where that subject is concerned (for a while at least).

I have uploaded a couple of films to YouTube this week, so I thought I’d give them a shameless plug instead.

The first comes from my archive:

I found this car journey on a memory card, alongside some other photos and videos of past times. I was very pleased I had found it

The second is more recent:

This is a walk along part of the canal in Sheffield. We will be making some more films about this canal later on.

I hope you enjoy.

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0 thoughts on “Film Friday”

  1. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed watching that but I had no sound. Not sure if that was a problem with my phone, watching it from within WordPress or what … so I’ll follow you on YouTube as well!

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