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February 2019 Review

I thought that as February was such a unique month, I would do a little review.

Firstly, the weather – it was record breaking. We are southerners living in the north, and we were able to leave the house without our coats on. This is just unheard of. It should’ve been cold; the sort that gets right into your bones. Instead, we had several days of warm sunshine.

Yet, as I draft this, we are awaiting Storm Freya, which brings the promise of rain, wind and maybe snow. I’m looking forward to being tucked up indoors. I don’t go out every day and I’m grateful for excuses not to.

This time last year was The Beast from The East – a very severe cold snap indeed. I’m sure I have some photos of the snow, but I won’t share them as I think most people know what snow is. Although it’s compulsory to share snow pictures on Facebook isn’t it?! 😉

My blog must be almost a year old now (I can’t remember the exact date I started) and my big event in the blogosphere last month was going self hosted. No more long domain names with “WordPress” in the title. It’s just me!

I am, have been and will be, different things to different people, but I will always be Marie-Celine.

When my self hosted blog was born I had terrible anxiety about it. I was scared that something dreadful would happen. I looked at my blank blog and thought what have I done and I almost dared not breathe until all my posts from my old blog were transferred over. But, y’know, yay me, because it’s sorted now and it’s all working ok (fingers crossed).

I shouldn’t have been anxious because I know that (even at my age) I’m good with computers, and I can usually work out what to do. There’s plenty more to learn about I’m sure, and I know there are many more twiddly bits I can add in the form of plugins. It’s just like having apps on your phone really.

On the subject of learning, I’ve added some more skills to my crochet repertoire, just to stop that hobby going stale. I’ve not picked up my knitting needles for months though, so I’ll need a refresher when the times comes.

I’m not big on watching TV, but I did have a Netflix binge, thanks to The Crown. What a fabulous series that was. I became seriously interested in the history, but the costumes and drama were amazing too. I’ll be watching the next season if I can. I hope that it hasn’t lost its charm with new actors being cast in the lead roles.

Talking of films – I have a new video for you to watch on my YouTube channel, about the 200th birthday of the Sheffield and Tinsley Canal.

There’s not much more to add really. I know some people include all their blog stats in their reviews, but I don’t feel the need. As I’ve said previously, it’s lovely to have followers, but it’s nothing if people don’t interact.

I’d love to know what’s your favourite Netflix series or whether you have had unseasonably good weather too? What are you looking forward to in March? Could you please have a look at my YouTube channel if you get chance and leave me some feedback there too.

Thanks for visiting!


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9 thoughts on “February 2019 Review”

  1. Wow, congrats on going self hosted. I get anxiety even thinking about it! Our winter has been really warm and really cold with not much snow, which is a bit unusual. Also, I watch quite a bit of Netflix but mostly non-Netflix shows. I did enjoy Peaky Blinders if you’re looking for a good series.

  2. I have a few things on my list but I can’t get motivated to watch them. Thanks for your comment Michelle. PS: I used to live in the south east. Up here everyone thinks I come from London because of my accent!

  3. Ah I loved The Crown and can’t wait for the new series! I like Olivia Colman so I expect her to make a good Queen!
    There’s lots of good series on Netflix; haunting of hill house, Grace and Frankie, friends from college, 13 Reasons why….. thinking maybe I watch too much TV haha! It’s lovely and sunny outside today, I’m In the south east! Have a good March!

  4. Sounds like February was good to you! I haven’t had much time for TV, but I need to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy!!! We had unseasonably warm weather for a bit here in Virginia, but now it’s back to freezing again. I’m over it! 🙂 For March, I’m looking forward to putting more into my blog and house hunting. Your blog looks amazing, by the way!

    1. I’ve never seen Grey’s Anatomy. Cold here again now too. February had good and bad times but I’m trying to focus on the good. Exciting times ahead for you by the sounds of it. Thanks for your lovely feedback here and on my video 😊

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