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Draft posts are becoming a new best friend


Quiet please … I’m thinking!

With the excitement of a new blog comes the rush of things [I think] I would like to write about.

Alongside my pen and paper, I can list my ideas as draft posts, and edit them on my phone. Then when I’m ready to post … swoosh … done!

My phone is also host to my photos, and some pretty cool apps to add text to images etc. I will share them in a different post.

I do edit on my laptop too. It is easier seeing things on a larger screen, and having more options available, but for most things my phone is ok.

I’m trying to get into good blog habits, and build up a routine. I want my blog to be successful (and I don’t mean necessarily having lots of followers), so that I am encouraged to write.

I mentioned in my opening post that some things may be kept private. I need the space to write freely and therefore some things are just not for sharing.

I also have my YouTube channel and Tumblr to keep updated. Linking across social platforms makes this much easier. I’m not as comfortable with Facebook these days. That may change, but I feel it has peaked for now.

I have used just one “word prompt” so far. It wasn’t because I needed the prompt, but because I was already going to write about the subject anyway. By joining in with the post, I have found new blogs to read as well as putting my blog out there in the blogosphere (is that actually a word, really?) …

Not all bloggers are the same, and not all blogs are the same, so I am just saying what works for me. I appreciate that you, the reader, may do things differently, but sharing tips is helpful to the wider community. I would like to know what helps you with your blogging.

You can keep up to date by following my blog if you have found this interesting, but I won’t be offended if you don’t!

Thank you for reading this. I’ll be back soon!


The good thing about blogging from my phone is being able to put the accent on the “e” in Céline 😃

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0 thoughts on “Draft posts are becoming a new best friend”

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  2. [ Laughs ] Well thank you for telling me that there is an accent over one of the letters in your name, Marie-Céline. I have a word processing program on my computer that contains all of the different types of fonts and characters that you could ever think of.

    By the way, “Blogosphere” is really a word; it can be found in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and in the Cambridge English Dictionary.

    Now, even though my blog is a personal one, all of my blog posts are set as “Public” and that is a matter of choice. You see, I want search engines to crawl every one of my blog posts.

    I am no big fan of Facebook either; which is why I never created a Facebook page for “Renard’s World”.

    What actually helps me to blog is my determination — I have that inner drive to create content for my blog.

    1. Haha yes well I thought that firstly as my blog is based around, me being me, and my name is in the URL, I thought I’d better get it right myself! It’s easy on my phone because I can just long press the e when I type. I know there’s a shortcut code for when I’m on the laptop, but I don’t use it enough to remember it.

      I realised blogosphere was a word when my phone didn’t try to autocorrect it.

      I haven’t set any of my posts to private yet, but I’m sure there will be something in the future. Although I have an app on my phone (which I will share in another post) which allows me to have a private blog.

      Did you see that Facebook are trying to have their own version of YouTube now? I read it on another blog earlier.

      My circumstances are such at the moment that I have time to write, and that is what helps me create. I’m using draft posts so that I can spread the content out, and then if I can’t write I will have some posts ready prepared.

      Thank you for your visit and your comment. Have a great day 😃

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