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Don’t compare yourself to others – set your own goals

Life’s not fair, so don’t compare

The only person you should be comparing yourself to is – YOU!

Honestly, life isn’t fair. There will always be somebody better off than you. It’s also true that there will always be someone worse off than you.

Set achievable ‘SMART’ goals for yourself

Setting and reviewing your goals is one of the best ways to check where you are in life. Nobody else is living your life so you have a unique place in the World, and you have your very own unique timeline.

S – Specific, Significant, Stretching

M – Measurable, Meaningful, Motivational

A – Attainable, Achievable, Acceptable

R – Realistic, Relevant, Rewarding

T – Tangible, Trackable, Time-based

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Don’t make your goals difficult to achieve, and break each goal down into smaller steps if it helps.

Good luck!

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8 thoughts on “Don’t compare yourself to others – set your own goals”

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  2. I love this! We use the SMART goal system in our annual reviews at work, it does work. Funnily I hadn’t though about using the idea in my home life.

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