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Do you ever look further than the post you are reading?

Social Saturday

This is a different kind of Social Saturday post as I am not going to specifically point you in the direction of one page or another.

Instead, I am going to make the following suggestion about reading other blogs:

Look beyond the first post you see!

To really get to know a blog, you need to read, scroll and read some more!

See what related posts you can read, click on the menu and see what other pages have been published, see what blogs they follow …

Read the comments and follow the links to those bloggers …

The point I am trying to make here is that there is always more to see than the first post. Sometimes a blogger will have a “sticky post” or a post which is pinned to the front page, because that is the post they want you to read first. However, it won’t be the only post they want you read.

Secondly, a blogger who writes for themselves AND leaves comments on other blogs, obviously enjoys being part of the blogging community. They would make an ideal follower if you are looking for interaction on your blog. Visit them and let them know that you have found them via another blog. Make them feel that it was worth them leaving that comment because YOU noticed and YOU followed it up.

Have a great weekend everyone, and Happy Blogging 😀


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