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Going Paperless

I could never go completely paperless. I am a stationery addict and always have been. I don’t write as many letters as I used to, but I do still like to write occasionally, instead of an email or text.

I also like to keep a paper journal … oh, and while I love using my phone to help keep me organised, there’s something good about a handwritten list.

If the whole world went paperless, while the trees would be saved, the art of handwriting would be lost.

I am a papercrafter – a whole hobby would just vanish if paper was no more. That would be sad for me.

Photo Storage

One thing I do send to the clouds though – photographs! Although I don’t entirely trust them to be safely backed up, and therefore, I find it hard to delete them from my phone.

Recently I did run out of storage on my phone and I had to delete what I didn’t need. If free cloud storage was infinite, would we just clutter it up? I think I would. My phone would just upload picture after picture and I would never have to weed out the duplicates and the fuzzy ones.

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0 thoughts on “Clouds”

  1. [ Smiles ] At the moment, it is very hard to visualise a paperless world.

    Currently, the practice is to recycle paper; therefore avoiding the needless cutting of trees.

    The good news is, that some companies are producing resin-based synthetic papers.

    So, there is hope for the future!

    And, if there is infinite cloud storage, it would be impossible to clutter it up with your photos, because it is, “Infinite”.

    1. Haha yes, but when I say clutter, I mean I would be storing things I didn’t need to keep. When there’s a limit to how much I can store then I have to re-evaluate my photos etc. I often have duplicates and I don’t need to keep copies.
      So, although my cloud would never be full up, it would have things in it that shouldn’t be there.

  2. If even most of the world goes paperless, that will just leave more paper for you. I, also, have the need to see things in print. That is why my house is slowly being overcome with filing cabinets. I even made the headboard of my bed into a filing cabinet! Enjoyed your post. Keep bloggin!

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