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Childhood Rambles

When I was a child we had a dog, and we went for lots of walks together as a family. Some walks were more memorable than others.

The most often talked about walk was going out in the deepest of snow and then coming back to homemade soup in front of the fire.

I have other random memories too; clambering over stiles, jumping across streams, trying to climb trees, picnics in every kind of weather …

How many children in today’s society get the kind of opportunities like I did back then? The stereotype of modern day is that children don’t get out enough, but I wonder if that is really true.

Please leave me a comment if you and your family love going outdoors, or let me know if you can’t go outdoors for some reason. I am genuinely interested in what you think.

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Me as a child

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3 thoughts on “Childhood Rambles”

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  2. hello marie celine its dennis the vizsla dog hay i do not git owt mutch ennymor on akkownt of i kannot git arownd wel with my hips displeezya and arthuritis and owtcheosarkoma but bak in the day i did enioy vizzitting the dog parks and sutch with my brother tucker and sister trixie!!! those wer gud times for shoor!!! ok bye

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